About Us

Fallow Media is an alternative space for contemporary creativity. We publish work from across the artistic specturm that challenges our inherited ideas of form, structure and content. We believe that the internet offers us critical and conceptual approaches that remain largely unexploited in the worlds of literature, music and the arts. Fallow Media operates at a slower pace in the hope of questioning our own assumptions about what publishing online can look and feel like.

Everything published on Fallow Media begins with a blank page: there are no templates and no shortcuts. We are not interested in getting everything right first time around. This is a learning process, and an attempt to share in a new way. We hope that this approach will not only change the way people see our work, but also the way we work in the first place.

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All Inquiries: [email protected]


Fallow Media is always open for submissions. We welcome all forms of writing, as well as photography, music, visual art and video. We're particularly interested in essays which lie somewhere along the personal-critical axis, and we're also open to fiction, poetry, reviews, translations and interviews. We publish online and, less frequently, through analgoue media like cassettes and old fashioned paper.

You can send pitches or completed pieces to the above address. We'll endeavour to get back to you as soon as possible, but if you haven't heard anything after a month, feel free to send a follow up email. Please do have a read through some of what we've already published before getting in touch.

Thanks to the generosity of our supporters, we can offer a small gratuity for all pieces published.

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