You Can Have A Better Internet

When you talk about 'the internet', what do you mean?

At Fallow Media, we believe that the internet is a playground. It’s also a nightmare of surveillance and exploitation. It’s a radically open and accessible space, increasingly saturated with repetitive, boring, meaningless information. We live in tiny boxes when there’s a whole world yet to explore. The internet remains a site of incredible positive potential, even as it undergoes a rapid and chaotic race to the bottom. We want to rediscover that potential and build on it.

Everything we publish begins with a blank page: there are no templates and no shortcuts. We are not interested in getting everything right first time around. We learn, we iterate, we improve. We want to do something new.

We believe that you can have the internet without exchanging your private information for access. You shouldn’t have to witness a wall of advertisements just to connect with someone. The internet is ultimately a language, a protocol — a tool to enable communication between people. That’s what makes it so important.

We believe in an internet that allows you to say whatever you want, and which gives you the power to make your ideas look and feel however you like. No limits! An internet that gives you the ability to share what you’ve made with others, who might enjoy it too. It doesn’t have to be more than that. No walled gardens. No data mining. No surveillance. Just people making things, and sharing them.

That’s the internet we believe in. But we need your help to make it possible. A subscription to Fallow Media starts at just €3 per month.