Lurking In Hellworld
On the site formerly known as Twitter.
Do You Ever Dream of the Animals at Lascaux?
I see a gigantic ochre flank hanging off a bony black frame.
sorry that you were not moved
An interactive collaborative digital poetry publication by Kimberly Campanello & Christodoulos Makris.
A new story by Oisín Fagan.
As If
Six poems of everyday life by Charles Lang, with music by Michael Phoenix and Antoine Gilloire.
Push and Pull
Rebecca Ivory's taut new story explores the dynamics of friendship and self-image.
The Things We've Seen
An excerpt from the new novel by Agustín Fernández Mallo.
Some Good Will Come
An anthology of selected work from the first five years of Fallow Media’s online publishing experiment.
The Family
A surreal and darkly comic short story by John Christopher.
A conversation with David Hayden and Kathryn Scanlan, with music and sounds by Mémi.
Writing In The Age of the Internet
As part of the Words Ireland Lecture Series 2020, Roisin Kiberd speaks on the opportunities and pitfalls of writing on, about, and for the internet.
On Chorus
Through recordings of the dawn chorus, Christopher Steenson leads a series of reflections on the changed sound of Dublin during the lockdown of March 2020.
Citizen Imprint
Fragmentary, dream-like writing, photographs, and video, blurring the lines between reality and fiction, presence and absence, here, there and nowhere.
Men of the Woods
A dark and enchanting story from Kathryn Scanlan's collection, 'The Dominant Animal'.
A Sabbatical In Leipzig
In an excerpt from Adrian Duncan's new novel, a retired Irish engineer notes the ordinary events of everyday life in the city of Bilbao.
The Block House
In this short film by Dennis Harvey, a young man returns to Dublin Bay collecting and cataloguing a series of found objects.
A glimpsed and fragmentary new story by David Hayden.
Consider Nijinsky
Michael Nolan investigates a mysterious photograph of the legendary dancer, Vaslav Nijinsky, taken in a Swiss sanatorium, fifteen years after his Parisian heydey.
I'm Just Trying Not To Die In A Tiny House By Myself
What do you do when you can't stay still? Where do you go when you have to get out of the city? Anna Walsh takes a solo trip to the seaside on a dark winter's afternoon.
To Here Knows When
What would you give to stop time? To hold just one moment when everything seems perfect as it is. New fiction by Colm O'Shea.
Keep Sketch
Questions of friendship, ownership, and artistic integrity float through Anne Hayden's street art short story.
An aural double-exposure floats over a dreamy visual world in this special Inis Weird presentation.
A Bridge in Haßfurt
Adrian Duncan goes in search of a bridge in a small German town.
Other Things Shine
Drawing on the work of Hildegard of Bingen, McGibbon O'Lynn present another audio-visual chapter of the Xenophon Project.
The Hat
Cathy Sweeney on the life and style of Felice Bauer, more than a muse.
What We Call Words & What We Don't
Shadow to light to smoke to dust – powerful new poetry by Umang Kalra.
Show of Himself / Late Spring
Seven vivid paintings by Salvatore of Lucan, in conversation with a poem by Kevin Breathnach.
A dozen micro-fictional glimpses at life lived in the aftermath.
Finnish Journey
Adrian Duncan follows a forgotten Irish forrester through the snow-covered wilds of Finland.
Orla McGinnity watches the whites in the washing machine.
Doireann Ní Ghríofa walks concentric paths from whalebone gate-posts to the intimacy of motherhood.
A kind of sonic speculation on the interior lives of rocks and mountains.
In Other Lives
Five countries, eight weeks, and the memories that make it home.
Bog Diary
An evolving record of a particular stretch of bog.
77 Pop Facts
Wendy Erskine uncovers the hidden story of Belfast-born cult rock hero, Gil Courtney.
Walker Beats The Devil
Tim MacGabhann enters Lee Marvin's fever-dream of desire, revenge, and a job gone wrong.
The Trace That's Left In Us
A network of hashtags, poverty and prurience mask a more ambiguous empathy on the streets of Los Santos.
Intimate Structures
The Music & Architecture of Iannis Xenakis
Fallow Radio
An archive of the monthly Fallow Radio show on Raidió Na Life
From My Window
Rapture in a clapped-out seaside town, by Jenny Holden.
Indistinct & unmistakable, Dublin Airport is a gateway to a whole new life.
Looking For Water
In the haze of a Mexican heat-wave, Tim MacGabhann roams the vast, smothering city.
The Skin Between Us
Suzanne Walsh responds to 'The Diviner', by Alice Maher
The Trouble With Being Bored
Boredom might make more awakened subjects of us all.
A Jaw, Ajar
A new poem by Doireann Ni Ghriofa
Postcards From A Hospital
A new prose-poem by Doireann Ni Ghriofa
Begin To Feel
How Manuel Gottsching's 'E2-E4' changed the future of dance music.
Everything Plus Time
An interview with Brian Thill about 'Waste'
The Grand - 2015: The Year In Review
Inviting guests to examine the most pressing issues in Irish culture and politics.
Tools In Our Hands
Discussing SAGA with Mat Dryhurst
Fallow Mix 01: Kenny Hanlon
Robert Hood tunes selected by the Apartment Records boss.
An interview in fragments, with Daniela Cascella
The Courage of Anarchy
Foucault, Zen and the Philosophy of Punk Rock: A Review of 'The Truth of Revolution, Brother'.
All Stops To The Point
Housing, Homes, Changing Neighourhoods: An East Wall Story
The Hill Of Winds
Fragments, echoes and corruptions of Irish writings.
An interactive experiment in artistic collaboration from Isadora Epstein and Claire McCluskey.
What Sort of Sacrifice?
Tracing the divine spirit of jazz from post-war Poland to modern-day New York.
The Great Wall: Part 2
Refugees, borders and vulnerability at the limits of Fortress Europe.
The Great Wall: Part 1
Refugees, borders and vulnerability at the limits of Fortress Europe.
mVestle - Poultice
Audio/visual version of the new tape from the fraternal noise-makers.
Error Messages
Six radio shows, recorded for Raidio Na Life in summer 2015.